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Information Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain: government

Title :  Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain: government
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User :  Zologal
Date of publication :   2019-09-14
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Frames Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain: government

Description Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain: government

This is the 3 part-NCC "Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain" from the series.

For part 1, click here.

For part 2, click here.

So far, we have exceeded that in the previous multi-national corporations, the blockchain-defined technology, historically, the promotion of peace through their work seen. In part 2, we look at how the technology of the blockchain payments easier and finances more transparent.

In part 3 we look at how the public sector accounting could be applied, for the government.

Humanitarian Aid

A society NevTrace, is of the view that the movement of the refugees away from their war, the earth can be managed more effectively by a blockchain system that until yesterday. Individuals can be taken into account, and secure decentralized platform not managed by the United Nations, Ngos and humanitarian organisations can follow the stream of refugees only, the you have left to assimilate their war in the house, but it also begins, as your new acceptance of Nations.

Blockchain-technologies able to ensure that the records are correct and not been tampered with. Spain-the group of developers, who recently won the prize at a hackathon with your blockchain was created from the idea of simplification of the manner in which the refugees could be.

NevTrace,wants to help the NGOs, for the workflow management of refugees, and even better to your needs.

BitNation investigated the problem of refugees from the blockchain point of view, and towards the end of the introduction.

The Bitnation refugees emergency response (BRER) is committed to the facilitation and the provision of emergency and Humanitarian aid. The project will, in particular, the crisis of the European refugee Fund.

How Bitnation members: “it is Our goal with Blockchain technology for the authentication and validation of the identification of a Blockchain emergency ID to the settlement of disputes, as you need to, and still they are on offer and search for services that are necessary to the refugees, including, but not limited to, Bitnation Bitcoin Debit cards, Visa. (BVDC), Realistically, a Bitcoin debit card does not help, most of the refugees. It has the potential, with bitcoining parents, you can send money.

In addition, "the Bitnation aims at the discharge of the host countries, during the crisis, so that the security of transactions and the transition of the tools to meet the current needs of refugees and the provision of economic and political solutions for refugees in the state of residence protected in the use of Open-Source software for the Blockchain technology". To be sure, Bitnation not more "established" technology. In fact, while Bitnation is a great vision for the potential of the technology, the blockchain has established, not many of its services are.


On the topic of what the governments of Factom to do, even if they are besieged company, aims to change the assignment of titles from the earth, with the technology of the blockchain. Bitnation aims to offer a similar service. The Factom project has received the attention of the press, and claims to be introduced, which is a partnership with the government of Honduras at work on a title, the land of the initiatives. The project finally left, however, shows the reasoning

"Factom sends a "hash" of a document, for example, a permanent impression of the document:" Kirby said, "BCC".

He added: “hundreds, perhaps distributed thousands of copies of the data in the world. Factom published in a distributed hash table information stored in Factom. The Factom server of the the entire Factom data to publish, and make available to the public. Also, everyone can shoot, a full-time or part-time node data that you want to the public".

The Cup

Fees will always exist. This seems to be the General consensus. Such as IBM, John Wolpert spent, the hypothesis, he has no problems to pay taxes, he hates the filling; so he pulls out if his salary was on a distributed database, so that you can control are stored - there is no room for error, only transparency.

As said during a Blockchain conference in San Francisco, recently: "to move If I had, in another place, this time in San Francisco, I would like to switch to DC", he shared with the audience. To convince“, is the regulatory authority for banks ' setting, but rather, because I believe that the blockchain is the regulator's dream. You can control tool, with the Dodd-Frank act on the blockchain, [and] you can tool with code. I never want to control a file, each transaction is only a "hashtag your taxes", and has automate [], and all the written rules in the chain."

Imagine, tomorrow in the Bank's systems, not only is there a checking account and a savings account, but to control such an account, where the funds were for the delay in the payment of the amounts due for the public services. If the IRS were placed on a blockchain, the government could take the total cost, so the opening of a room, in order to discuss the reduction of taxes.

As HP wrote on one of his blogs, HPE question: “What is the cost to jobs, but also save billions for companies and individuals. But it is also the speed (and possibly anonymous) operations increase at all levels of the economy. With this type of a slight increase in volume, the IRS may entity disturbed all".

The limits

If you could be with distributed systems, such as block chains are so effective with the data of the real-world implications of this for the people? We have seen, in the financing of examples such as Bitcoin and smart contracts can be transparent transactions and efficient. We have also seen a few examples of how the functions of government can be dealt with Bitcoin. The demand for this article is: is it Possible that the blockchain decrease waiting on the border?

In the United States, people on both borders of the experience, long delays, highlighted by the San Ysidro border between the United States and Mexico, where the waiting time is longer than six hours on a regular basis. The reason why it takes so long is not only because of the threat of terrorism, but also because of the archaic nature of the systems for the treatment of persons on Board.

The United States have made efforts to relieve stress. The system Sentri, for example, aims to the reduction of the border. To take a step, you have to process by checking the previous and the interview. In theory, could be made automatically. The artificial intelligence of an interview could lead and analyze, to ensure the blockchain technology, the accuracy of the data is widely used in various government agencies.

A blockchain-based management system, the borders, coupled with nano-technology, can go a long way. The vehicles can be registered, then the limit of the system, but the movements of the cars may be observed and analyzed to determine the levels of threat.

Such a system could become a authorized dealer blockchain system, in which the participants (nation-States) to allow access for the execution of the node, and have access to the information on the border crossers So, at the border, a trip abroad, and the notes can be viewed in real-time. The ultimate goal of this type of system, it would be a world from the border waiting on Fund for the least amount of time possible, but no compromise on safety is important, because most of the border crossers are law-abiding citizens.

A more efficient border process helps you not only travellers, but also creates an environment that the officers are less of a burden for the border guards.

Blockchain, the developers have already considered the passport in connection with the blockchain. Chris Ellis has to create a software accessible to everyone, a "world citizen" passport with the PGP encryption software and the blockchain. Ellis pass is not mathematically wrong.

"I wanted a voluntary system ID in which my analysis can be supported by a social network of "my choice," Ellis cable said. The real story here is because the governments have not been invented before. I came up with this on a weekend, in my spare time, because you don't have? As long as the PGP status to have?"

The potential of these tools are great, and with each new technological innovation or the use you need to be aware of ethics considerations of power and complexity. To inform if they have been distributed, the effectiveness of the controls and of the balance of the system, which is the heart of a blockchain technology on a global scale.

Les Images de Shutterstock et Bitnation.

Comments Peace & stability and thanks to the Blockchain: government

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Nick Maurer
Comment from : Nick Maurer

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Julio Chavarria
Comment from : Julio Chavarria

hey how you doing boss my name is Darian I've been watching your YouTube videos and I know that you don't b***** anybody I need your help I'm trying to make extra money in the side and I've been thinking about Bitcoin mining I know is not for me to become rich or billionaire but at least make extra income how's your new comer what machine you recommend and as a newcomer for I could get my feet wet I really do not would like to spend that much money I seen a lot of videos and almost every video songs Pretty I came across yours and you are straightforward the market goes up and down I hope you could help me and I appreciate that I'm from Miami Florida
Comment from : Dari

Ashok Kumar
I have 4 ETH machines I built last year with 12 GPUs each, with RX580 8GB...built with lot of excitement last year and now, I have to shut them off because the power it's consuming isn't making effective vs the coin generation atleast at the moment... If anyone is interested to buy the machines, I can sell...
Comment from : Ashok Kumar

Marcin Klimowski
HI which colin is best for mining using graphics cards MSI Radeon RX 570 8GB ARMOR
Comment from : Marcin Klimowski

Cullen Bukoski
How are you miners still going? I can't even recoop energy costs -_- It's dead for me.
Comment from : Cullen Bukoski

Idrissa Abdoulye
How much can you make with this
Comment from : Idrissa Abdoulye

Greg Morin
1070ti? I only mine VTC with the OCM. Im watching because i think I'm going to try my hand at ravencoin. HELP!

Comment from : Greg Morin

Heath Schroeder
Etherum: 0xdD37C8B5ce958eF61d5396b9ec840250b79A63fF
I love my GTX 1070

Comment from : Heath Schroeder

Mouse Trapping Videos
A price estimation before hand would be nice.
Comment from : Mouse Trapping Videos

Pierson Ramirez
Awesome Video! Are the 570's still profitable? Is it worth it to pay extra for the 1070 or 1080? I would probably mine zcoin, eth and beam, maybe some others are as time goes and rates change.
Comment from : Pierson Ramirez

F 12
Loved the video!


Comment from : F 12

Wiktor M. N.
If you reduce power limit, your gpu also stays cooler because it has less power that it can turn into heat
Comment from : Wiktor M. N.

Landon newell
Thank you for the video and links all very helpful !
Comment from : Landon newell

Based Jake
My Favorite Mining GPU: RX Vega 56/64

Reason: It's insane hashrate for XMR mining would make it very profitable for mining, however you can also build a rig very cheaply with these cards used, it's definitely worth it!

Ethereum Address: 0xc257c8acf5feaf4b48c5339306ad93ca3e6fb549

Comment from : Based Jake

Ralph Galasso
Can I mine NXS on it ?
Comment from : Ralph Galasso

Rob Mc
Good job Brother.
Comment from : Rob Mc

Worthmills music
If I already have a motherboard that supports 3 gpus do you still think I should look into a 6 gpu motherboard like the Asrock one that you have? Is it worth me using the 3 gpu motherboard or should I just forget about using it for mining? Thanks
Comment from : Worthmills music

Funny 7 Clips
GTX 1080 TI MY ETH:0x785b64edf14f6efab2fd7c3d523d29d2b0f4829e
Comment from : Funny 7 Clips

Marian Gall
Radeon VII is now best choice for mining, cca 90 MHs per GPU and cca 200-250 Watt, u can put 6x on one rig with 1600 W power supply with cca 360 MHs power. But is not low budget choice i know...
Comment from : Marian Gall

Manav Malik

I took notes and copied your list exactly but I just have a doubt.

I am planning to buy all this:

1. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 B450
2. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler - YD2600BBAFBOX
3. Kingston 120GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/120G
4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz (PC4 19200) C16 Memory Kit - Black
5. EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 80+ Gold, 1300W Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire Ready 10 Year Warranty Power Supply 120-G2-1300-XR
6. Ubit 6 Pack Latest PCI-E Riser Express Cable 16X to 1X (6pin / MOLEX/SATA) with Led Graphics Extension Ethereum ETH Mining Powered
7. Riser Adapter Card+60cm USB 3.0 Cable
8. PCI-Express PCIE 8 Pin to Dual 8 (6+2) Pin Video Card Y-Splitter Adapter Power Supply Cable
9. Electop 2 Pack 2 Pin SW PC Power Cable on/Off Push Button ATX Computer Switch Wire 45cm
10. GPU Open Air Mining Kit - Easy to Assemble Case with Optional Fans and PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers - Open Air Frame Compatible with 6 GPU and 8 GPU rigs (Frame Only)

I already have 4 RX 580 GTS, do you think its a good fit? Please suggest any improvements as I am new to GPU community.

Thanks for your time.

Comment from : Manav Malik

Manav Malik

I took notes and copied your list exactly but I just have a doubt.

I am planning to buy all this:

1. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 B450
2. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler - YD2600BBAFBOX
3. Kingston 120GB A400 SSD 2.5'' SATA 7MM 2.5-Inch SA400S37/120G
4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz (PC4 19200) C16 Memory Kit - Black
5. EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 80+ Gold, 1300W Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire Ready 10 Year Warranty Power Supply 120-G2-1300-XR
6. Ubit 6 Pack Latest PCI-E Riser Express Cable 16X to 1X (6pin / MOLEX/SATA) with Led Graphics Extension Ethereum ETH Mining Powered
7. Riser Adapter Card+60cm USB 3.0 Cable
8. PCI-Express PCIE 8 Pin to Dual 8 (6+2) Pin Video Card Y-Splitter Adapter Power Supply Cable
9. Electop 2 Pack 2 Pin SW PC Power Cable on/Off Push Button ATX Computer Switch Wire 45cm
10. GPU Open Air Mining Kit - Easy to Assemble Case with Optional Fans and PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers - Open Air Frame Compatible with 6 GPU and 8 GPU rigs (Frame Only)

I already have 4 radeon 580 GTX, do you think the setup will be fine? Just need your kind suggestion as I am new to this.

Thanks for your time and help.


Comment from : Manav Malik

Leon Purta
Can't suggest any AMD cards as a bang for the buck pick any more. RX580s barely make pennies a day, and even after picking up a bunch of nice Vegas recently, the state of the altcoin market that these mine efficiently is in the dumper. Only Monero makes anything worthwhile, and the devs are f'ing that up with RandomX come October. Throw your Vega rig away after that. My suggestion is, don't waste your money on AMD cards right now. They don't make any cents.

My pick for Bang for Buck GPUs right now would be GTX1080s. The 1080Tis are still outrageously priced even used. 1070Tis are a pretty close second for me. But I've been picking up 1080s under $300, and 1070Tis seem to be selling on Ebay in the $230-$250 range. I find that the 1080s will get up to 20% better hashes if they are set up right, and they will remain profitable longer than the 70Tis will. And they will retain their value on the used market longer too.

I'd recommend Asus' B270 Mining Expert mobos, they are almost impossible to beat in value and flexibility, with the ability to have up to 3 separate PSUs attached to the same board, and 19 PCIe slots. I've bought a couple this year at about $50 brand new. They do require DDR4 which is a little more expensive. And I spend a little extra and pair them with I3-7100 CPUs that can be had for less than $100 used. A new 120G SSD for $35 and a new TP-Link USB wi-fi adapter @ $14 and you can have the bed laid for around $250.

I've tried a couple different materials to build racks and I've settled for 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe you can pick up at any hardware store. The corner pieces are about a buck each and a 10' section of straight is $2. Cut to whatever lengths you want. I get a rack for about $10 that might not be the prettiest, but works just fine. I had an old piece of 1/4" plexiglass I cut to use as mounting for my risers. Once it's all together these racks are sturdy as heck and non-flammable and non-conductive.

Comment from : Leon Purta

imma have to go with the rx 580 0x9faEE359B0FF9D3454C49a65c158f650e35aD40c
Comment from : VionixRefresh

1080ti is something I’d love to start with

Comment from : xkrazykarl

Tim Dales
Is the used 1070 TI still for sale?
Comment from : Tim Dales

Taf Hut
GTX 1080 TI 0x107F6f5D611384F3571f7CED3D0c14B9541c3B24
Comment from : Taf Hut

RTX 2070 Super


Comment from : BrewingInHungary

Jeremy Crane
Running 3 radeon vii 2 rx580 and 2 Vega 56.

Comment from : Jeremy Crane

Evan Bergman
Currently I’m thinking about a 6 card build with 1080ti Could I do 3 1080ti and 3 rx570??? On the same rig
Comment from : Evan Bergman

Shinji Sagura
Hey there, thank you for your video. It's really great what you do for the cryptocurrency community! However, could you make a video talking about 4 + GPU bios settings? I know this is something a lot of people have problems with and it can be really confusing for people that don't know what's going on.
Comment from : Shinji Sagura

Can you make a video touching on the cost of investment and what is the expected ROI / breakeven point or a video on how to calculate that information
Comment from : flysolomac

john whalen
Hey I'm just getting into mining and I'm wondering when starting off, is there an easy way to turn a profit with a smaller rig. Like that stuff gets pretty expensive. I work fulltime in emergency services, so I dont make alot. So could you point me in a good direction for getting started, so what profit is made can be put back into a bigger rig.
Comment from : john whalen

Best coin to mine with this pc pls help www.comtradeshop.com/comtrade-ryzen-gamer-pro-kompjuter-amd-ryzen-5-2600-hexa-core-3-9ghz-8gb-ddr4-480gb-ssd-nvidia-gtx1660ti-6gb.html
Comment from : MeGoodGuy

Mark Jelic
For the hard drive, you didn’t mention the good old HDD... I mean, if you have a spare lying around, is it OK to use that?
Comment from : Mark Jelic

Jay Productions
So you people are going to waste your money and time mining cryptocurrency? Why not invest in ...

Comment from : Jay Productions

Tony Edwards

Comment from : Tony Edwards

Buzz 732
Comment from : Buzz 732

Dan Gracia

Rx570 8gb

Comment from : Dan Gracia

Light Ashes
I just started mining like a week ago and the only device I have that does work on mining is my early 2013 MacBook pro I am thinking of getting a Radeon vii or Radeon 5700 XT but the Radeon 570 8GB or higher is probably the best one


Comment from : Light Ashes

x Peryskop
And don't forget about ZEL
Comment from : x Peryskop

I think the RX 570 8GB is the best bang for your buck period
Comment from : PistolCrypt

Vosk is there a reason to not go 13 cards ? I have the h110 and i have 11 cards on it now. I have the PSU power to do 13 cards no problem.
Comment from : PistolCrypt

Lucas Murdock
0xF59dE90eD16c9E49C0CB4606fE67f5b47d51f494 My fav rig is the one you just built! Well done :)
Comment from : Lucas Murdock

Mr Britcoin nakamoto
and if you use windows and cant get a sixth gpu running its the up dates there is one yo have to remove took me ages toget it but its there its the big file if i remember right
Comment from : Mr Britcoin nakamoto

Mr Britcoin nakamoto
iv got 4 veddha original frames there sturdy and well made for stacking up it seems you dont have much patience to build them and my best bang for buck on a gpu is the rx 580 8gb iv bought all mine second hand from miners and iv had no problems as they tend to look after the gpu's gamers well not so much i feel due to my experience as they crank up the clock and mem to the max to get the best picture and frame rate iv managed to get 30+ hash per card stable and get the best riser's youu can cheep dont pay at all ver 9+ pci-e id recomend
Comment from : Mr Britcoin nakamoto

Devin Tyler


Comment from : Devin Tyler

layefa amakubukuro
Voskcoin...i like ur videos,they are informative,how about you having a Cloud mining platform so we can invest
Comment from : layefa amakubukuro

The best "bang for your buck" is usually found in Vegas or Bangkok red light district, if you get my drift.
Comment from : iCCL G

Daniel Mushansky
SLI GTX 2080Ti :D


Comment from : Daniel Mushansky

mark angelo fancubila Garcia
hi fellow miners should i use ETH PHOENIX MINER OR CLAYMORE MINER TO MINE ETH??? which is more efficient/profitable?
Comment from : mark angelo fancubila Garcia

mark angelo fancubila Garcia
should i mine ETH on my gtx 1070's??? is it worth it
Comment from : mark angelo fancubila Garcia

Samuel Clemmons
working on setting up a 570/580 build guess those would be my favorite as those are more wallet friendly.

Comment from : Samuel Clemmons

Mining is unprofitable in Australia
Comment from : davkdavk

Matthew Christensen
I've been in the IT business now for 20 years and just recently decided, "why not?" Well, I just now found your channel and subscribed. For the last few weeks I've been thinking AMD using pretty much the same rig you've described here. Are you suggesting that the 1060 Ti is the way to go? I'm still working out the kinks before I spend on which currencies go with nVidia or AMD or both. Still in the theory stage but your channel is wonderful, thank you!
Comment from : Matthew Christensen

Nick Mel
the mobos in your description are different than the ones you used in this build... Which Asus one have you used here?
Comment from : Nick Mel

Milos Marinkovic
i have 18x Sapphire RX470 8GB and those are my favorites :D

Comment from : Milos Marinkovic

Daniel Woodward
Great content again! Will check out zcoin.
Favourite card RX580


Comment from : Daniel Woodward

Stephen H
Great video as always Vosk. I like this build I can vouch. I run three NVidia rigs 1050, 1070ti and 1080, still mining away two years later, all running Linux.
One windows rig running nicehash, it's pure AMD rig w/ two Vega Frontier Edition cards.

Comment from : Stephen H

Howard Bleier
0x3C6B36f4bC07999151962ead543a06286087D674 still rocking RX580's
Comment from : Howard Bleier

I know how hardware works and that you covered pretty good. But not a word on how the software works. How to store what you've mined and so on?
Comment from : ChrisKadaver

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Comment from : Hate PUBG

Core Developer
VoskCoin is my Loving channel for crypto minning and investing ideas.
Thanks for your efforts man!

Comment from : Core Developer

Vosk " WIFI " is very bad for human beings to be immersed in and exposed to. You should back out of this and cable everything up and turn OFF the Microwave TRANSMITTER. Its especially bad for children to be around and same for animals.
Comment from : WarrenStarCat


I like mining with the TitanX 😂

Comment from : bags

You guy rise the hell out of the gpu
Comment from : FBI

0x97C290718c15B2dFC24350a5E38720E1461C9855 Rx580 power hungry but not gonna upgrade just yet
Comment from : Ghettoize

daz nez
the whole vid's a shill for gear. nowt wrong with that but if you're looking for content, don't waste your 35 minutes (i skimmed.)
Comment from : daz nez

Jon Bascos
I really want to get back into crypto mining. I really liked my RX 570s. I think I want to get the 580s though.

Comment from : Jon Bascos

Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti is also very strong.
Comment from : WarrenStarCat

Vega 64......
Hi Tails. You are such a Beautiful Dog!

Comment from : WarrenStarCat

Israel Contreras
Awesome video!

Does your “rig shed” have ac? Or are you just using fans to pull out the heat?

Does your

Comment from : Israel Contreras

Joe Chow
Great. How many ZEC can you mine with this setup?
Comment from : Joe Chow

Fabián Ignacio García Araneda
Muchas gracias por la guía! estoy comenzando en el mundo de las criptomonedas y tu canal ayuda mucho. espero poder prontamente armar mi propio rig, saludos desde Chile !
ETH add for some help :0 : 0x859E3958baC2B219a57B7C958aD088c46B5919d5

Comment from : Fabián Ignacio García Araneda

Dude your handsome as hell, do you have a girlfriend or partner in your life? I know you love your dog, but just curious. Great videos subscribed for over a year now
Comment from : bcnonken

Connor LeQuesne
My favourite's gotta be the MSI RX 580 Armor OC 8GB for Ethereum. Been running those for a bit now and getting 30 mh/s drawing 100w.


Comment from : Connor LeQuesne

Kanishka Nirmal
helpful video... need to contact you regarding ASIC's miner. is there anyway to contact you..
Comment from : Kanishka Nirmal

Have you mined axerunner?
Comment from : CrypThor

Cool Creeper98
I am running a B470 board with a Ryzen 2600 with 3 MSI 1660ti and 2 MSI 1070ti. The prices for the hash on these cards looked the best for my situation. I was thinking of trying an all AMD system.

ETH add: 0x441756761Ed2d9CBa8c99dC2e345Be3145770615

Comment from : Cool Creeper98

Ronald Allan Reyes
RTX 2080TI is the best card for me but I can't afford it.

ETH Add: 0x38f4348b87319b6f45db43f06ca3d671a71412b1
More power to your channel...

Comment from : Ronald Allan Reyes

GTX 1660TI, its just fast!!


Comment from : Deez

Do you sell plug n play mining rig for gpu?
Comment from : CryptoGambit

my fav 470s

Comment from : FAPman

Bitcoins Finest
Can you do a underwater mining tank via mineral oil pretty cool
Comment from : Bitcoins Finest

Bitcoins Finest
I haven't started mining yet but I'm sure I can build a rocket after watching your videos....keep it up brother good work educationally. @bitcoinsfinest

Comment from : Bitcoins Finest

Need help fixing my rig. Radeon VII is the best (yes I thought that before your video lol)


Comment from : AntiBug91

Austin Sewell
I just jumped into mining, built a rig with 8 RX580 Sapphire Nitros ran off of 2 Corsair PSUs. ETH: 0x9B4020167bD7E22DD558f6667d0d7822fa80672e
Comment from : Austin Sewell

if you want to waste your money buy a bunch of depreciating assets
Comment from : azazil061

Jeff Melnik
I like your style Vosk! Im going with the Asus b250 mining expert. Go Big or go Home! RTX 2070 or 1660TI's?

Comment from : Jeff Melnik

אסף רביד
I use proof of stack mining (-: algorand

Comment from : אסף רביד

Razvan Gheorghe Radu
There is a small project I made what can help in mining on windows:


I post it because is related to your video, I hope to not upset you with this.

Keep the good work!

Comment from : Razvan Gheorghe Radu

Razvan Gheorghe Radu

My favourite is AMD Fury X, it stays cool and has a very good price/performance

Comment from : Razvan Gheorghe Radu

Christian Romijn
Superb video again :)! My favorite is the GTX1660 the non TI.

Comment from : Christian Romijn

Maker Garage
Go get a real job you f**** freak!
Comment from : Maker Garage

Mike Reynolds

Complete rookie, but at the moment my primary PC uses a 1070, so I guess it's that! Love the guides.

Comment from : Mike Reynolds

RK Young
How long will 6G GPU works for ZCoin
Comment from : RK Young

You say best bang for your buck. But how much did that particular build cost, and how much are you able to make everyday?
Comment from : Jake

Manuel Pereira
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is my favourite but i want to try the new RXT2080 Ti :D that would be great!

My ETH address is this one : 0xA4dd6826afA1F64a1Bd695115a0D5eA44DDA0034

Comment from : Manuel Pereira

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